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Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
Yes but if people have a unanimous opinion that Bauer skates are better for them than Reebok skates don't you think they'd consider looking at the Bauer's before Reebok? There's a few other things to look at in a skate than just how they fit. Weight, looks, padding/protection, price.. If people are backing their points up then people look at that and say "Hey, that's how I feel about skates also, maybe that's the skate for me," this thread isn't so useless. That's the point.
Except all the major manufacturers are producing skates pretty similar in terms of weight/protection/build quality at all the various price points (not identical, but similar). And regardless, if you have a top of the line skate from any manufacturer that is simply a poor fit for your foot, it will perform poorly for you (AND be extremely uncomfortable). It will literally perform worse than a low end skate that's a great fit. Hence why I started my post with:

Best is extremely, extremely subjective. For skates, helmets, gloves, etc. you basically have fit trumping all, so very specific to the user. For sticks, it's about things like feel and flex, which again is a personal preference issue. I will give my personal preferences, but that doesn't mean they'll work for anyone else.
I think to some extent you could talk about "best" shoulder pads and shin guards, but even still some people like a slim fit while some like a bulky fit, some favour weight over durability or vice versa, etc.

I think you can single out products that people should avoid (like those old CCM U+ Pros with all the durability/delaminating issues), but in terms of differentiating between high end gear it really comes down to the preferences/body of the individual user. Especially with skates, but even to a certain extent with all other gear. It's not like any of the major manufacturers are making trash while others are making seriously superior products, they're all reasonably similar to the point where fit and preference trumps all.

If you had simply asked "what equiptment do you like best," that'd be a fine question, but you asked:
Originally Posted by Joey Moss View Post
Which brands provide the best for the following equipement:

Skates -
Sticks -
Helmets -
Gloves -

Best all around -

Opinions? Try to back it up please.
Which is a bit of a ridiculous question from the outset, because you're implying that there are universal "bests." It's like asking "which vegetable is best, try to back it up please."

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