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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
You cut out the best part.
I guess I did. Very clever of you btw.
Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
But players make their luck. Scoring is inconsistent and relies on too many variables for a player to be a shoe-in for any type of season. It's all about dedication, work ethic and hustling on D, which can all be consistent and produce immediate results on limiting chances against and creating chances the other way. Gomez lacks all 3 since he's come to Montreal (or actually since he signed that contract).
I know. Just making a joke.
Originally Posted by edsqu View Post
There's a lot to be said about the best case scenario, He has come out and said, "Im Terrible" and hired the teams trainer to join him in Alaska to train. If hes got any intestinal fortitude hes going to work the hell out of his game in the off season and come back at least marginally better. I think he will have a bounce back year, If he screws the pooch again, All of these threads will be totally justified, I still have some faith.
He did? That would be some positive news if true. I hope the guy comes back hungry and puts up some points because he's got to be embarrassed after the season he just had. If he doesn't do anything in the off-season to step it up, I'm not sure how he can look at himself in the mirror.

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