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10-21-2003, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Kryoptix
Konstantin Korneyev
Evgeny Malkin
Konstantin Pushkarev
Dmitri Kosmachev
Dmitri Chernnykh
Igor Mirnov
Yevgeniy Issakov
thx spongebob !
Konstantin Korneyev is on the 4th defensive pairing with Ak Bars in the RSL.he has not contributed offensively for his team but continues to get ice-time for one of the top teams in the Superleague.Which is a positive.

GP-15 G-0 A-0 Pts-0 PIM-2

Evgeny Malkin is considered a top 10 prospect for the 2004 draft.He has the makings of a great power-forward.Being only 18 years old he is not getting a ton of ice-time, but as he gains confidence and adjusts to the league he will improve.

GP-9 G-0 A-2 Pts-2 PIM-2

Konstantin Pushkarev has had growing pains coming to the RSL from the Upper-League.He has seen some time on both Avangard (4th line of course) and their farm team.As his ice-time increases and he fills in a little bit he will be a force in the league.

GP-5 G-1 A-0 Pts-1 PIM-0

Dmitri Kosmachev had a rough start for CSKA Moscow.He put himself in the coaches doghouse after some defensive mistakes.He has been a healthy scratch for 7 of the last 10 games.For his sake hopefully he can start producing again.

GP-7 G-0 A-1 Pts-1 PIM-2

Dmitri Chernnykh has been a victim of not being high on the depth chart on a really talented team-CSKA Moscow.He has therefore played in few games with limited results.

GP-3 G-0 A-0 Pts-0 PIM-0

Igor Mirnov has had an exceptional start for Moscow Dynamo.He unfortunately doesn't get the same respect as team-mate Ovechkin and is making the best of his 3rd line duty.He is 4th on his team in scoring 1 goal behind Ovechkin.

GP-16 G-4 A-2 Pts-6 PIM-0

Yevgeniy Isaakov is doing really well condiering he is only pulling 4th line shifts.He has played a great number of games for Severstal Cherepovitz.Isaakov is making the most of his opportunities.

GP-10 G-1 A-2 Pts-3 PIM-2

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