Thread: Confirmed with Link: Clément Jodoin named Head Coach of Hamilton
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07-22-2011, 03:53 PM
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I'm also fine with that hiring. Much better than a Vincent hiring who I believe is so overrated. A guy that made the comments he made after the Juniors lost, has made me rethink his quality as a coach but also as a communicator and a coach players would like to play for. We will see how he will improve, but Vincent was NOT amongst my candidates.

And another thing. ENOUGH with those "we have to prepare the after Martin era". First, you see this going and you believe Martin is ever forever. But even if he wasn't.....Yzerman didn't mind going to Montreal to get his coach...not sure why we would mind going after Boucher in due time....or Martin Raymond....or Benoit Groulx....or going with more experience with Vigneault or we never know.....Julien. Only to say that you don't have to pick within your own organization. This is, to me, an overrated concept. Yes, most likely the coach that would have been with the Dogs, if he continues his journey with the Habs, he will know some of those players....well who says that those players want to have him....

And yet, people can say whatever they want, and this is coming from the Q keep hearing how we should have given the job to somebody from the many teams is there in that league anyway? More than 1 right? How come the only guy you kept hearing about was Vincent? So it's not like we had tons of choices. If the Habs don't like Vincent's approach...well there's nothing else but a 60-year old Jodoin.

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