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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
But that just adds on to the +/- per 60. It's pretty consistent with it. But once again, I'm not sure how he determines the groups. He'd need more groups to be more accurate considering his values go from -3 to 3.
Not being sure that it's the best way to do it is not a sign of weakness in the model.

Having more groups would cause too many cases where the number of events would be too low for the result to be relevant. The same thing already affect a guy like White who only played 63 events against Group E. That's not a lot to make any kind of conclusion.

If you read the comments, at one point he mentions someone else proposal to use 4 groups, for 4 lines. It does make some intuitive sense.

In the end, how you separate these groups can only be arbitrary. The same way that a survey would arbitrary separate the 24-28 and the 30-36 years old. It's arbitrary, but it doesn't mean it doesn't lead to useful results.

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