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10-21-2003, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by nathan
What sport would be worse to the knees? Football or hockey?

I would say Football (especially a running back who cuts), but not sure. I do know for sure that B-Ball is the worse for anyone's knees.
Football, specially for a Running back which McGahee is.

RB's need to cut and constantly make quick moves side to side, plus they need to put more pressure on their knees.

I'll try to find the video of McGahee's injury, it was one of the most gruesome injuries during a game in a while. His knee completely hyper extended to the point where his bottom leg almost made a 90 degree angle forward.

At first people speculated his career was in jeopardy. Pre injury he would've been a top 3 pick, after it he still was expected to be drafted but obviously later on now, there were rumors that 3 other teams were about to select him right after Buffalo.

One thing you have to consider is McGahee has a freakish work ethic and underdog mentality, he worked exceptionally hard and had motivation to be drafted which is part of the reason he recovered so quickly.

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