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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Great thread.

As for the gym, squats, lunges, plyometrics, sprints, core work(abs,low back), and a good stretching routine will likely help. I train my entire body, but legs are so critical in hockey. They're also my weak point so I'm focusing on them.

Any links to youtube appreciated. I'm off fridays and no one shows at the local rink for open hockey so I need drills etc. that I can work on.
I typed this up at the begining of the summer for the Gary Robert and Nike's program to keep me organized.


Week 1-4
Day 1: Warm Ups:
Day 1: Drills:
Day 2: Recovery:
Day 3: Warm Ups:
Day 3: Drills:
Day 4: Recovery:
Day 5: Warm Ups:
Day 5: Drills

Week 5
Recovery Week, I.e.-hockey, football, basketball

Week 6-9
Day 1: Warm up:
Day 1 Drills:
Day 2: Warm up:
Day 2: Drill:
Day 3: Warm up:
Day 3: Drill:
Day 4: Warm up:
Day 4: Drill:
Day 5: Warm up:
Day 5: Drill:

Week 10
Hockey, football, baseball

Week 11-12
Day 1: Warm up:
Day 1: Drills:
Day 3:
Team Training
Day 4: Warm up:
Day 4: Drills:
Day 5:
Team Training

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