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Originally Posted by Craig71 View Post
HF boards answer ala Jeopardy

Who is Patrick Lalime?

Alex says correct.

That is the reason the Sens did not win the cup.
Jackie: Black & Gold for 600$ plz
Alex: Answer.. Daily Double! You have 800$, gonna risk that?
Jackie: Yeh Mister Trebek
Alex: This 6'9'' 255lbs creature patrols the Adirondack at night. Often misinterpreted with a werewolf or Big Foot due to the same hairiness and primitive gestures it has been associated with reported cases of broken necks. Warning! when seen on icy surfaces, it becomes out of control and extremely violent.
Jackie: Whats a bear?
Alex: Ah, I'm sorry Jackie, the correct answer is...
''Control room to Alex'' We accept Bear Alex.
Alex: Oh, well, congrats, it seems like Bear is the correct answer Jackie! After the commercial break, the Final Jeopardy!

During the commercial break in the Control Room

Bill: Why did you accepted the answer Joe?
Joe: Well duh! Bear = Bruins = The Zdeno Chara!
Bill: Of course!

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