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07-22-2011, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Maybe. With the Cap going up as you're stating and we're probably going to not be alone with tons of about offer sheets for Price and Subban if not signed? Wouldn't that be problematic? And as far as Gorges is concerned, well let's play the supposition game, 'cause that's about the only game WE can play around here....I fail to see that it took so much time for everybody to come to that salary and that EVERY side is happy we it. Maybe Habs but Gorges? So would it be too far fetch to think that Gorges will take it as a sign of no matter what we offer him, he's testing? Well I know....Gorges isn't Bobby Orr and I guess we'd replace him....but I figured he's a pretty important piece to this defensive corps for his versatility and leadership. Could be tougher to replace. So let's hope that it's not Gorges mindset. So that scenario could be the alarmist one.....not sure though that it's THAT improbable. Yet, everything could settle nicely, all 3 players could also sign 3 fine contract prior to July 1st and everybody will be happy....that's the other scenario. In the words of HF "wewillseeists...." We will see....

The best news is that we're avoided that stupid arbitrage....thank god.
There's no point in going into speculations WS.

If Gorges isn't happy about this, then why would he not have gone through arbitration? Did he think he'd get less from it? If so, then why is he unhappy?

Who knows what they've discussed. Many management has no problem investing more money and a longer term but want Gorges to step up his game. There's no reason for him to earn 3.5M now, so why would they give it to him?
Maybe they discussed their plans with him on trying to retain about 5M of cap space so they can pursue other components, and the best way for both parties to agree on a deal was for Gorges to take a cheap 1year deal that will bring him a lot more money next summer.
I don't know why people just go straight to assuming negative things.

And why would Price and PK get offersheets?? Stamkos didn't even get one. Also, just how much would a team actually offer for the habs not to match it.
I don't understand why people worry about Price and PK, seriously, I don't get it.
The cap is really making some people crazy.

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