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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
Not surprised its a one year deal. From the habs POV it would have been hard to put a long term dollar value on a deal. He's certain to go up in value after this year but to this point he's not worth 3.5 for a 3-5 year deal which is probably what he wanted. I don't think there will be hard feelings, it's a business, from both sides. He wouldn't want to sign for 2.5 for any more than one year because as a UFA his value goes up. That was the impass, he knows he's not worth more than 2.5 now and he gets to maximize, and we get a motivated player... win, win.
Well from Gorges point of view, he will most likely want to test July 1st next year to see what teams will bid on him...I know I would. You only get one opportunity to cash in on July 1st. He will be 27 and in the prime of his career.

Some teams will probably throw $4M his way.

I personally think Josh will be gone on July 1st. This was our opportunity to commit 3-4 years to him, and we didn't do it. The man played the last three years on one knee for this team, and we screw him over by rewarding him with a one-year deal.

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