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07-22-2011, 10:12 PM
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I'm somewhat marked by some idea that ran through the superstars of most sports... it may sound crazy, but what I try to bring to my game is some ingeniousness, some creativity. I think hockey, offensively, is really about forcing your opponents to adjust their position enough so that they end up being late on the play, so I may approach the kind of hockey Soviet players used to show in that sense. And, the kind of solution I try to bring are always meant to keep myself ahead of the play, just a few inches... that's the space I need to make a pass or take a shot - or anyone needs for that sake - and it does affect your play making abilities when you realize that. It does work extremely well when I'm there against mere mortals, but if you step up the game with Juniors, former National players or AAA's... well, it doesn't hold up. But, hey! It's still a fun game.

To be more specific about your question, it's curious, but I love how those Russian play the game - I always admired stick handling, though I used to have rock hard, concrete hands! One day, I decided I had enough to look silly and started practicing it. Datsyuk, Semin - he's actually my favorite player now - Kovalev... about every great stick handlers. It dazzles me how they can move around and create space, so I practice and try to do the same when I can.

On the shooting side and tendencies during one on one, I prefer to shoot than to move around, but if the goaltender gets forward, I'll do something else. The move I execute the best is a forehand deke and backhand top corner - that's a slow amateur version of what Kovy does almost all the time. If not, I can pull off some variations of the Michigan move (For the show only. Do not try at home, I'm an amateur... LOL) or flip the puck over a too far venturing goaltender.

So, trying to be creative, create space, open the plays and make the passes. I could speak about defense, but that part is more standardized.

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