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07-22-2011, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Sports1131 View Post
Baseball can definitely work in Montreal but a guaranteed new stadium is an absolute must and quite honestly it make take some time to get people to warm up to baseball again. Unfortunately we're not going to have the entire city demanding a team a la Winnipeg.

There's no question that Montreal has the best potential of any market in North America that does not currently have a team. I just don't think MLB would even consider it and this is a venture that requires a billionaire owner who's willing to lose some money for awhile to do something great for the city.
Stadiums are a must! Plain and simple & one day as long as some of the locals/Broadcasting/etc still care(We can get elected & we can work for the City, isn't that what happened in 1969?)! It can happen again!. Montreal has history, but out West Portland is growing & one day that Seattle-Portland string can & will become like the East Coast, so there is always competition. Vancouver Will one day be that Montreal on top of Seattle like we were/are over New York. Never take an eyeball off!

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