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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
No. Just extremely tired of misplaced and misguided alarmists.

The average league salary will be close to 2,5 mil this upcoming season.

OMG, Gorges is paid the league average!

Did you wake-up in 1995 this morning?
I think the average salary for teams spending up to the cap is even around $3.1m or so. As such, Gorges would be paid below average for essentially playoff-bound clubs.

Originally Posted by schumway2 View Post
It's called planning. You should have a long term vision when running an organization. Gorges is a UFA next year and if he has a good year you're going to end up compensating him due to the risk he walks. Ultra dumb by Gauthier.

Originally Posted by schumway2 View Post
Plekanec got 5m. You did pay him more than had you signed him earlier.
Indeed. Personally, I'm annoyed Montreal didn't sign Gorges to an 8-year deal at $1m per season a few years ago. I'm sure he would have accepted it since he was a #6-7 defenseman and marginal NHLer at that point. If Montreal had real management with real foresight, they would have seen his potential and locked him up for his prime--and, as a borderline NHLer, how could he deny $8m?

Here's to wishing we had Ken Holland.

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