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07-23-2011, 01:33 AM
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I am right handed shooting on the right side.

Furthermore, to respond to many people on here, it's not only the fact of having your strong hand down that may help your pace as much as generating the power from the most coordinated side of your body. When you have your right hand down, it means you also push off your right side and the complex sequence of action is thus taken from your most coordinated side...

In the end, all of this is developed and not inherent... then, I may myself confirm the rumors: despite having started playing hockey on the ice later than everyone I know, I always had the hang of shooting hard; on the other side, my stickhandling never made me famous, so to speak and, although I have improved it, it required much more work. The hypothesis I support higher is coherent with my own life: the work I did outside the rink playing all other sports and activities as a young kid spared me a lot of shooting drill time whereas the limited amount of activities that required my left hand to move also meant I had to work harder to compensate on the ice.

There may be benefits, but they are learning time benefits: it's not you will or will not play that good or that bad... it's actually that having your best hand on the top will tend to give you an easier time stickhandling BECAUSE you improve your coordination with that hand and arm on a daily basis without even thinking about it; having it down the shaft will mean an easier time to shoot hard for a similar reason.

Weirdly enough, I do one thing on the other side: when I was a teenager, I rode the skateboard as a lefty. So, I'd surf, skateboard and snowboard as a lefty. I can bat both sides at baseball, but then I am an awful baseball player, so it's not a reference! XD

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