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Originally Posted by abev View Post
You would think by reading your comments that there is a very definitive formula for assembling a good team. It just kills you that you have to give Sather credit (you don't). But what may be toughest to swallow is that maybe Sather stayed the same but the landscape changed.
It should kill him Sather screwed this team in ways that no other team in the NHL has beenscrewed in the past. At one point he had 3 out of the top 5 worst contacts (K Gomez extend to top 10ish) in hockey two of whicha re still on the books so this is fairly recent history. The trend was clearly showing last summer and slightly before that that there was of this year I'm willing to say good job Sather but I certainly wouldn't expct everyone to yet. I've neither forgiven no forgotten however i AM willing to hope based one evidence.

I could swear BR was being talked about last summer so if you WERE the first (doubtful) then you are waaaay off on the timeframe. Not to subtle selfpat on the back lol.

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