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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It is important to understand the actual potential we're dealing with here before you make any predictions.

Schenn I equate to having the potential/game of a slightly lesser version of Toews (Not Richards).
--60-PPG and outstanding two-way play.

Couturier I equate to roughly the same potential/game as someone like E. Staal.
--70-PPG and great physical two-way play with size and dominance in the circle.

Giroux I equate to having the potential/game of a lesser version of Forsberg.
--70-PPG and great playmaking as well as a physical and a flashy game.

vanRiemsdyk I equate to having the same potential/game as a lesser version of LeClair.
--70-PPG+ and great size that can crash the net and goals from anywhere as well as remaining strong defensively.

Whether or not those players reach that potential is another matter. If all four do, then imagine a team:

LeClair-lite - Forsberg-lite - xxxxxx
xxxxxx - E. Staal - xxxxxx
xxxxxx - Toews-lite - xxxxxx

That said, while E. Staal is certainly a nice bit better than Carter, Toews-lite is not exactly up to par with Richards. So if things go well, we might basically have a wash talent-wise. It's hard to believe that it has the potential to be anything better than a wash (ignoring the other pieces we acquired for a second) unless Couturier absolutely blows everyone and everything out of the water.
I tend to agree with what you say and generally players with big potential make it exciting to watch for sure. Also if you add in some of the other younger acquisitions like Voracek and Simmonds they could grow into a solid bunch. I mean Voracek is already around a 50 point player, put him with those lines and it could really up his game... However it would be nice just to have some of that potential on the D, I realise that Coburn, Carle and Meszaros arenít that old (especially of Dís) but one player with similar potential on the D would really make a lot of difference... We canít have it all though... Can we?

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