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07-23-2011, 09:52 AM
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13th forward

With 12 forwards,7 defense and 2 goalies signed and over 5 million left in cap space how could the HABS not have signed 1 of the following players to help out Moen in the grit department? ....Rupp(1.5) Eager (1.1) McCormack(1.2) Konopka (.700) Bradley(.950) Asham (.775) these guys can all play over 10 minutes a game and fight. If they failed with these guys how could they not sign 1 of these guys.....MacIntyre maybe the toughest guy in the NHL(.600) Janssen (.525) Boulton (.660) Hordichuck (.825). Lets not forget Torros(1.75) and Stewart (.900) could have played on the third line and hit everything in sight and score 20 goals.

I like the Cole signing but the HABS have dropped the ball again!!!!! We need bottom 6 toughness if we are going to have small players that can't stick up for themselves on the top 6 and 7 defensemen that can't fight.

Poor Travis Moen he must be pissed once again no help for him and fans on here wonder why he isn't fighting more, wake up it is because he has no help. I guess I will be watching another year of PK getting punched in the face 5 times a game or Price getting ran with no one sticking up for him or how about forwards taking runs at Markov from the blueline in.Oh don't forget Cams might have to stick someone in the face again because the other 4 Habs on the ice can't help out there only star forward.
I think I can add a new story line this year Subban will get ran into the boards by someone like Horton ot Lucic and gets hurt, yes and guess what no one does a thing to them. Or just maybe subban fights and breaks his hand and misses 30 games.

There were atleast 25 UFA this year that would have cost between 500 -1.5 million that would have helped this team but for some reason the HABS were not interested they would rather see the players get beat up all year. Strange all the other teams were interested in these kinds of players ???????? SAD

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