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07-23-2011, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolskii View Post
IMO, BB went to **** after Dubi stopped doing it and it was purchased by Dan Akeson. I stopped reading it after Dan purchased it.
I exchanged some e-mails with Dubi when I subscribed the first time. I think the change of editor came some time after that, can't remember exactly when. And I can't compare the 2 BB, since I barely knew BB when Dubi was at the helm.

Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
I was a subscriber when it first came out. I let it lapse last year. The material is more or less redundant--or easily attainable through other sources on the internet. It's got to be tough holding a small newspaper like that together--especially in these times.
Yeah, must not be easy to stay competitive with the profusion of news easily reachable on the web today. Personnally, even though I follow the Rangers's news daily (always lurking around here, don't post much though), I like to receive the Bulletin. Writers are no scrubs (Gross, Zip etc.), and it's good to have some hindsight on x or y stuff afterwards.

The other thing is in the mailing cost effectiveness or even the various postal delivery services around the world. USPS is spiraling downwards and as it goes so goes the rest of the world's mailing services. USPS is required because of a bill passed in congress in 2006 to pre and overfund it's FERS and CSRS retirement accounts by multiple billions of dollars--and not just to current retirees but to future retirees. No other entity in the USA has anything like this kind of burden on it. They are losing over $5 billion each and every year just from that and along with the loss in mail volume and its inability to ever strategize effectively as regards the internet or text messaging. It's almost as if our legislative bodies deliberately gave it a case of terminal cancer. Newspaper are taking a big hit as well.
Didn't know that USPS was that much in trouble. I'm wondering by how many the international rates increased to put BB in that position. International subscribers are paying $3,50 for a shipping via airmail (per issue).

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