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07-23-2011, 01:48 PM
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I could not sleep yesterday so I made this list of the things i consider necessary to bring the Expos back and keep them competitive.

Off the field
- New stadium downtown ( how many seats ? roof or no roof ?)

- Owners involved a la Pegula with the Sabres,

-Market the players ! I wish i could find the link but i heard Michael Barett saying that Youppi had more pics of him around the stadium than Vladimir Guerrero himself. Vlad was the best athlete to play in MTL in the last decade, yet he was almost unknown outside of the baseball circle.

- Get the players involved in the community.

-Media coverage. I guess that CKAC and Team 990 would kill to get something to broadcast during the summer. I once heard that Team 990 tried to get the rights to get Red Sox games but failed.

- On TV , everyone already said it but with RDS, RDS2 and TVA Sports , they will want stuff to fill the air during the summer. I am sure TVA sports would rather have the Expos than the Jays and RDS would rather show Expos-Braves than Cards-Reds.

-What about les Capitales de Québec ? Do they have what it takes to be our AA our AAA affiliate ? Would the people over there support a team where all the good guys are going to MTL ?

On the field

- Who is the Billy Beane of 2011 ? Get that guy to be the GM.

- The manager ? Find the Guy Boucher of baseball. Well , anybody but Frank Robinson.

- SCOUTING/PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. We'll never get a star player unless he comes from our farm system. We need to spent a huge % of our budget at that level.

-We will need some guys like Brad Wilkerson or Michael Barett. Just like the Habs , we will need to scout guys that are "special". In the habs case , we know that most of all they need mental toughness. In the Expos' case it's more guys who are willing to take the challenge to make that team competitive and make their sport more popular.

I can't think of anything else at the moment.

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