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Originally Posted by PromNite View Post
I was just thinking about something.

It's always been pretty obvious to me who was going to be the next Rangers captain each time they are chosen, especially recently.

Jagr - obvious.
Drury - obvious.

Seems like Callahan is just as obvious... but we aren't in the room with the guys, ya know?

What if someone comes out of left field to captain the team? Stepan? Staal? Girardi? That's something worth speculating about IMO.

Cally's awfully quiet for a captain... and yeah Drury was too, but he was already an established leader and captain before he was brought on board.

In no way does this mean I don't want Cally to be captain. I think he'd be a fine captain. But maybe it's not so cut and dried as we think.
I understand what you're saying but I think it is as obvious as it could get. You mention quietness and that Callahan isn't so vocal maybe, but neither Girardi, Stepan or Staal or any more vocal really (from what we've seen). It doesn't seem like Stepan is going to bark orders at people after one season in the NHL.

Staal's a good "A" but I don't think he's a "C". At least not above Callahan. I don't think Girardi is either, I believe he's fine the way he is. I think it's all but set in stone that Callahan gets the "C", he is Torts' most relied upon and well-liked forward.

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