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07-23-2011, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
If he was one of the go-to guys on his junior team, he'd have been higher than #8 in scoring. Not saying he has to be #1, but not freakin' #8.

He won't be as good as Prust. He won't even be as good as Kris Newbury.

There are very, very few overagers who go on to make the NHL. Prust is one, ok. But he's the only one who comes to mind in the quarter century of my following hockey. I am sure I'm missing someone, but the point remains that it's very rare.

The fact that he didn't dominate in every aspect of the game as an overager makes it rarer still.

I would much rather go with someone who is the same age who established himself as a quality AHL defenseman.
He WASN'T a go to player, like I said, that wasn't his role. Also never said he'll be as good as Prust, I said his playing style compares to Prust.

Once again, he is NOT an offensive player, he's an agitator/grinder/4th line player. Just because he's an overager doesn't mean he needs to dominate every aspect of the game to make the NHL.

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