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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
Markstrom? obviously - but Brittain? c'mon - kid has had one good year at the college level and Salak has had success in several professional leagues now.

I liked what I saw from Salak - and I think he's going to be a good goalie. He reminds me alot of Antero Niittymaki (physically) - who is a very talented netminder, just lacks the mental aspect of the game to be a #1 goalie.

We'll see if Salak has that, or if he is destined to be a backup like Niitty is. But he's an NHL player now - Brittain has a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

Cheverie looked like a stud in college too - he hit the pro game and (although i didnt see him play) - by all acounts, he really struggled last year.

Not saying Brittain is destined for the same route - but he just has a long way to go and I'd take Salak over him at this point.
Brittain has much better fundamentals and looks more talented to me than Salak ever did.

Yes, Salak is going to be in the NHL this year but again, that doesn't necessarily mean he's a bonafide nhl player. We will see. Let's keep in mind the hawks needed a dirt cheap backup because of their cap situation.

As for Salak having success in multiple I guess. What has Salak really done though that's been so impressive? He had one great year in the SM-Liiga, ill give him that. Was good in Czech...ok but that's not that hard. He had a few good months in the ahl playing behind a great team. Tbh, Plante has been better in the ahl than Salak has. When Rochester was struggling and needed someone to step up and save the day it was Plante who carried the team on his back and won multiple ahl player of the week awards, not Salak. He also performed admirably last season went Markstrom went down.

In 09-10 Salak completely melted down after a few months when shooters started figuring him out and realizing that he had horrible technique and was just all reflexes. The coach bewilderingly gave him one more shot in the playoffs and again he blew it and they got blown out in game 1. Plante did his best to get them back in it but they lost in the 7th game. Then the Panthers basically told Salak to go to Europe because he couldn't hack it in north america yet. Then he goes and plays behind the best team in the SEL. He put up great numbers, but again consider the team. He is still largely unproven in north america.

I said this before but Brittain to me looks better than cheverie ever did at denver. Cheverie didn't start dominating and playing at the kind of level he was recognized for late in his college career until he was 21. Brittain did it at 18. He had the second best sv% in the wcha, think about how good that is for a true freshman goalie in a competitive conference. I've seen both play many times, and there is no comparison in quality between cheverie and brittain.

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