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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Done. I am a Flyers fan first and foremost but I am also a Richards fan. Kings are my favorite team in the west and have been for quite some time but never owned a jersey, since Richie was moved there it was kind of a no-brainer for me. Personally I would have liked for the Flyers to have just moved Carter for Voracek and the 8th overall. Richards would have gotten the message and straitened out after that and if not you could have traded him at the end of the year before his NMC kicked in. There was no reason for both of them to be moved in the same year IMO.
That's your opinion. You have 1/1000th the information the team did. I think it was a combination of performance and attitude with both of them. Pronger and the coach have rings. Those two don't and word is maybe they didn't give the respect they should have.

Do you really think Mike Richards played well at any point this year? I thought he looked horrible the entire year despite being out there on every PP and being paired with everyone on the team.

Good luck with the Kings. I'll stick with the Fly guys. Both came in in 67'. Flyers have 2 cups and 8 finals appearances. Kings have 0 cups and 1 finals.

Originally Posted by FlyersFanSinceBirth View Post
People keep saying that they could have kept Richards and Carter and still got Bryzgalov. That is 100% true. They could have shipped out Hartnell and Carle and kept Richards and Carter. BUT THEY DIDN'T! Doesn't that tell you something? They were building a team around the wrong 2 guys. They realized it and shipped them out while they still had a chance.
Exactly. Get value before the value isn't there. I'll say it again. You were not getting playoff value out of Richards lately and have NEVER gotten it out of Carter. He's either hurt or he disappears every year after the all star break. You also had 4 top 2 centers. You still have the better 2 of the 4 hands down.

2 players that were getting "go to" guy money and the go to guys always ended up being Briere, Giroux, Hartnell, JVR, and Leino.

What's the worst that can happen? Can they get more than swept by a tough team in the East and have to pull their goalie every game?

Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
I doubt Hartnell was ever going to be asked considering his worth to the flyers anyway.

We could of done it losing Steeg, Shelley, boosh and Carle.
Carle really? On a team with two 36 yr old d men and not much in the way of prospects to fill those spots? You don't need four 5-7 million dollar a year centers. You need two and you still have them with two more coming up that will work for peanuts for a couple of years.

Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
When you're trying to clear cap space the return is secondary. I have to believe that there is at least one team in the NHL that could have used Matt Carle regardless of the return.

They traded Carter and Richards for a reason and the reason wasn't the cap space.
Agreed. Cap was secondary. It's obvious they looked at the past 6-7 years and decided it was time to move on. I feel they got ALOT in return so let's give it a chance instead of whining about 2 guys that scored 2 combined goals in 11 playoff games.

Giroux, JVR, Voracek, Schenn, Couturier. It will be exciting watching those 5 develop over the next few years. What if Bryzgalov is the truth? Add the cherry on top-Jagr. Guys one of the best to ever play the game. I feel lucky to watch his NHL comeback in a Flyers uniform.

I'm not saying you aren't a fan bc you don't like the trades and you have a right to your opinion. However, the teams still here. They're gone. At some point you gotta move on or buy that Kings jersey.

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