Thread: Speculation: Why isn't "Brian Boyle" a mod
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07-23-2011, 09:35 PM
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I think this thread could use a poll.

3 options:


"I agree"

"Kesler did it"

(PS, it's rigged)

Originally Posted by henrik4vezina30 View Post
He'll be a mod eventually, he's like the HF McIlrath.
Originally Posted by darko View Post
Probably because he hasn't been here long enough. He'll be a mod 1 day though. BB knows his **** and is a respectful poster.
Originally Posted by RussianRangersFan View Post
Honestly, down the line, BB will be a mod as long as he wants to be.
Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Brian Boyle is a good kid. I wouldn't hate him as a mod.
Originally Posted by Panfork View Post
Yeah in all honesty, BB is alright. And he's 16, it's not like he's a little, little kid. I'll even admit he's pretty mature for his age.

But putting all that stuff aside, he's an active (to put it lightly) poster, who's always on top of things when they happen, and even shows some good insight sometimes. Certainly not the dumbest younger kid I know. I'd be fine with it if he was a mod. More apathetic than happy, but yeah.
Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
He'd be a decent mod. But this kid, is seriously more mature than 99% of the boards. I'm 27 and he's better than me.
Originally Posted by Devilsfanatic View Post
Woke up kinda late. I have your back on this one kiddo.
Originally Posted by King Henrik 30 View Post
I think he could be a pretty decent mod given the opportunity. I read more than I post on these boards and BB has become one of my favorite posters on the entire board, despite his age. He's always provides a levelheaded opinion and debates with others in a classy manor. Are there other candidates that might be fitting for mod? Sure, but that doesn't mean BB wouldn't make a good mod.

People really give him too much **** for posting a lot lol. What was everyone else here doing when they were 15/16 years old?
Originally Posted by Duskfamous View Post
Sure why not. We may not share the same opinions at times but I enjoy reading his insightful posts.
Originally Posted by Ih8theislanders View Post
BB is definitely one of the more level-headed posters around. However, I'd definitely prefer Jonathan as a mod for the lulz.
Originally Posted by mcsauer2738 View Post
The kid is an absolute savage on these boards, he knows his stuff and is all over everything. He has like 20,000 posts in 8 months or something crazy like that. Make the damn kid a mod!
Also, wanted to give a big, single thanks to all these posts supporting me. I've been truly humbled in this experience.



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