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07-24-2011, 12:32 AM
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Number crunching:

Dubinskys 1st full season: 82/14/26/40

Number of forwards who had more than 40 points? 131. 131/30= 4.4 Meaning on average, every team in the NHL has about 4 or 5 players who are better than Dubinsky. Meaning, In his first full season Dubinsky was already a low end 2nd line player, high end 3rd line player.

Dubinskys second season: 82/13/28/41

Similar numbers, 143 forwards with more points than him, again, every team has 4 or 5 players better than him, ok second liner, great 3rd liner.

Dubinskys 3rd season: 69/20/24/44 44 points puts him at 117 players better than we're at 3 or 4 players better than him...meaning hes a solid 2nd liner. Extrapolate his numbers to 82 games you're at 52 points with only 81 players higher (granted youd have to extrapolate everyones points, so it's not the best comparison).

Dubinsky last year potted 24/30/54 in 77. Number of forwards who have more points than him? 67. 67/30= Meaning every team in the NHL has 2, maybe 3 players better than him...meaning hes now an OK 1st liner, and a solid 2nd liner. once again extrapolate to 82 and you get 58 points, 49 players better than him, solid first liner, but again, not a fair comparison to make.

His 24 goals were only bested by 53 players, making him a 1st liner there, his 30 assists were bested by 73, again a first liner, but maybe a little closer to a 2nd liner.

So one could say, and fairly i would think, that goal scoring wise, Brandon Dubinsky is a 1st line caliber player. Playmaking wise, he's more like a 2nd line caliber player. Which is why it was so smart to move him to wing. With that said, I will have to disagree with my friend Leslie in the assessment that he is a 3rd line tweener. Im a stats junkie, and the numbers simply do not bear out that assessment...not even a little bit im afraid.

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