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I think when people are talking about first liners or second liners, they mean players on a potential contenders, not first liners on crappy teams. So let's say that a true first liner is someone who can be a top-3 forward on the best 10 teams, a top 2 forward on the average middle ten teams and the best forward on the average bottom 10 teams.

That would give us 60 true first liners or an average of 2 per team (with top teams having more and bottom teams having fewer). Dubi was tied for the 68-71 place.

This puts things in perspective. Dubi can definitely be a first liner on a crappy, non-playoff team, he might be a first liner on on the playoff team that makes it as a 6-8 seed, and he's very weak for a first liner on a contender.

I think this is how most of us see it, we just didn't define what we mean by "first liner" or "second liner".

That said, Dubi is definitely at least a second liner, and can't be classified as a third line scrub. Scoring 45 points would put one at #113-120 in the league, and if you assume that there are 4 contender-quality top-6 players per team, that's 120 players. So I would say that scoring 45+ points puts you solidly as a second liner on a possible contender.

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