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Aleksander Kozhevnikov

Awards and Acchievements:
Soviet Hockey Hall of Fame (1982)
2 x Olympic Gold Medalist (1984, 1988)
World Championship Gold Medalist (1982)
World Junior Championship Gold Medalist (1978)

Scoring Accompishments:
Points – 2nd(1982), 2nd(1983), 5th(1984), 6th(1988)
Goals – 1st(1982), 2nd(1983), 3rd(1984), 4th(1988)
Assists – 6th(1982), 6th(1983), 8th(1988)

1982 World Championship – 3rd in Goals, 2nd on Soviet Team
1984 Olympics – 11th in Points, 3rd on Soviet Team

Originally Posted by The Red Machine
Despite his sedond-place standing in the scoring race, Aleksander Kozhevnikov didn't get an invite to these (1983) championships. He was in the hockey doghouse again. All one had to do was look at Kohevnikov to know that he and the Stalinists would not hit it off. He was lanky, unshaven; his hair shot all over the place and his eyes had an independent, challenging glare. Concomitant with the look was his playing style - rugged, fearless, tempermenta, and uncolonial. He yelled at team-mates, fought with opponents, paid little heed to practice times or cerfews and stole away from the training-camp barracks at every opportunity. That he got as far as he did was a testimony to his dramatic skill with the puck and a bull's-eye shot.
How good was his peak?
1982: Kozhevnikov probably should have been the Soviet league MVP. He had 71 points to Makarov’s 75, but he had 43 goals to Makarov’s 32. He also didn’t have the support of the Green Unit.

1983: Makarov was hurt, and missed about 1/3 of the season, so we’ll account for that. His 25 goals would have been 33 in a full season. Kozhevnikov had 35. Makarov’s 42 points would have been 56. Kozhevnikov had 57.

1984: Kuzhevnikov was hurt, and missed about Ľ of the season, so we’ll account for that as well. Kozhevnikov’s 47 points becomes 59. Makarov has 73. Kozhevnikov’s 33 goals become 41. Makarov had 36. This was probably the Green Unit’s most dominant year – CSKA took 1-4 in the scoring race. Kozhevnikov was 5th.

1988: Makarov had 23 goals to Kozhevnikov’s 25. Makarov, however, did have 68 points to Kozhevniko’s 45. This was another extremely dominant season for CSKA – on the point leader-board, they had 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Considering Kozhevnikov played with very mediocre line mates, the gap in points doesn’t seem too bad. I can easily get away with naming his top-scoring team mates, since they’ll never be drafted anyway: Ivan Avdeyev and Sergei Kharin.

Obviously, Makarov was able to maintain this pace for 10 years, and Kozhevnikov kind of fizzled out for a while. He had another excellent season in 1988, when he carried a Krylja Sovetov team into second place. Considering teams and linemates, I think it's very fair to say that Kozhevnikov was among the very elite in the USSR.

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