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10-21-2003, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by buffalowing
First of all, look at how old Marty and Timmy is. Hasek, Didn't dominate the league right away. Connolly should of played a few years in the AHL, but he was brought along to fast, give them a few years. So Far you only have given them 2 full seasons in a Buffalo uniform.
I think Connolly is incredibly talented and i still think he will be a good player...on an offensive team that gives him 2nd line ice time. You cant have connolly on the 3/4 line all year. its just a waste of a roster spot. You wanna move Briere instead? fine. Its not my fault Milbury ruined Connolly by bringing in right away. But thats the cards that he was dealt. Buffalo has too many forwards that are either better or work harder than Connolly. The only way Connolly is going to help the team is by being packaged in a trade to bring in a tough dman.

As for Marty. the sabres have 3 goalies who are relatively all equal right now (in my opinion). None of the three has really stepped up and become a starter. The only difference is that Biron has been the starter for two years, and he doesnt really give the sabres a much better chance to win than miller or noronen. So in my opinion his 2.1 mil salary can be spent much more wisely.

Biron/Connolly = 3.4 million in salary roughly. I can think of a lot of better ways to spend that. But in Buffalo 3.4 million buys you a small heartless center who was mismanaged in the league and subsequently may never reach his potential and a goalie who in two years can't keep his starting job, gives up the most untimely goals ever, and well is just average. The only assumption i can make as to why they are still here is that every other GM in the league sees this.

Truth of the matter is, I'm fed up with the season and its only 2 weeks in. Id trade half the team for an adam foote or a zdeno chara.

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