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07-24-2011, 06:58 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
then what do you do with plante? send him to the ECHL?

salak is european. sending him to europe was the only choice they had, neither plante nor salak would develop any playing in the ECHL all year, it would be a gigantic step backwards. my point is - they didn't send him to europe because he couldn't hack it - and insinuating that is just ridiculous and you know it.

he's had alot of success at the pro level with what you think is a "raw" technical game (and it's not nearly as bad as you make it out to be). if he can't refine his game, he'll be a good backup. if he does - we made a terrible trade.

and they traded for salak and instantly signed him to a one-way, TWO YEAR deal. them committing to salak had nothing to do with salary. they just think he's good enough and has upside, plain and simple. i agree with them, and i think eventually he's going to be the reason that trade was a mistake, not frolik.
As I already said, the Panthers could have loaned him to another ahl club. It isn't ridiculous at all saying he couldn't hack it in nort america, he clearly proved he couldn't. What has he done here that would make that comment ridiculous?

I don't think its a raw technical game, I know it is. Rochester fans have said the same thing. And the success he's had at the pro level is debatable as I've said. For all the success you think he's had, Plante has been just as successful in north american pro hockey as Salak has been in europe. One of the big points made in articles about his going over to Sweden was that his club had a great goalie coach who could really bring some structure to Salaks game. Supposedly he improved his technique according to one swedish poster who posted about him here. Well see to what degree, he may have, but I think its way too early to proclaim him as anything yet.

They didn't instantly sign Salak, he was signed a couple months ago. I don't see what difference that would make anyway, they figured they would have cap problems and they probably viewed the chance that they could move Campbells contract as something like 50/50 at best.

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