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07-24-2011, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by jet228 View Post
I addressed my error in the term 'exact' in my response to surixon.

The question was best prospect. I put a lot of weight on the likelyhood of a player being an NHL'er in considering who the best prospect is. Machacek is, in my opinion, the prospect most likely at this point to be a meaningful NHL'er. There are a lot of question marks with Sheifele. I disagree with your assertion that no one would take Machacek over Sheifele.

Let's say we were prospecting for gold. Machacek would be a nugget of gold that is just below the surface. You can see it, and easily mine it. Sheifele is a potential bar of gold buried even deeper. You may never be able to unearth him but if you did, it would be a bigger score.

Some prospectors would gamble and go for the bar, knowing they may never mine that gold, and some would go for the sure thing.

It is the way we are looking at prospects that is different. I am not trying to tell you that your way is wrong, but you are trying to tell me I am. That's the difference here.

Either way, I think I will just stay off these threads, as I know how passionate the prospect crew on HF is.
Well I think I'm voting in a Top Prospects poll and you are voting in a Most Likely to Play in the NHL poll.

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