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07-24-2011, 05:40 PM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
I have not had time to read this thread thru, but I'll make the assumption that Tort's had a lot of input on this decision.

If Tort's thinks he can turn Wolski around, then it's worth a try IMO.

By no means am I a fan of Wolski. I pretty much think his game is useless. He's Enver Lisin 2.0. He is a lot of wasted, unfocused talent. I think the chances of him changing my perception and expectations are best.
gimme a break

hes averaged something like 17 goals and 30 assists per year since hes been in the league. and he was +6 for us so its not like he cant play 5 on 5.

hes one of the best stick handlers in the entire league. hes one of our most dangerous offensive players and hes able to create chances on his own. all things we sorely need. hes not ryan callahan but so what. hes got solid skills.

for a team as offensively weak and goal challenged as we are, i would say a guy like this should have spot on our top 9. its not like we've got alot of other options.

no matter what you think, you cant have an entire team of brandon prusts and expect to win games 2-1 every night.

i swear if he was a rangers draft choice, most of you critics would be singing an entirely different tune about him. the guy flat out gets a bum rap around here.

and to call his game uselss. well thats just stup......silly.

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