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07-24-2011, 08:34 PM
Rich Nash
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I've had seats in the 100's because my mother's boyfriend used to work at a Wall Street company that had season tickets.

Not only are there some real fans there, but I've had my share of bad times in the 300s sitting next to drunken idiots, especially since i'm the type who really gets into the game. "Oh but I sit in the 300's, i'm not a drunken idiot!" Well, then why are you so quick to use the snooty rich stereotype? I've had drunk "true fans" in the center 300's turn around and call me a ****** for standing up and screaming, no joke. Meanwhile, when I saw Hank's 200th win in the 200's, me, the 20-something year old next to me, and the 50 year old dude in front of me all high fived and celebrated after the shootout win after all of us got into the gmae.

There are fans everywhere, and non-fans everywhere too. You're ridiculous if you think otherwise. I've had seats next to a die hard fan in the 200's, and seats next to some chick who was on her phone the whole game in the 300's who kept calling Lundqvist "Lund-qew-vist."

The fact is though, soon you're gonna have to be rich to even sit in the 400's.

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