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09-23-2005, 11:42 AM
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On the subject of rivalries, I once made a distinction that there are three categories of rivalry:


These are the rivalries that have been going on for over a decade or two. They may not be current, but they exist because of what happened in the past.


These are usually playoff series-driven rivalries which can create odd dynamics like Dallas and Edmonton. Also, on-ice antics can create a bit of a rivalry like the Havlat thing or the Bertuzzi thing. A lack of playoff meetings can put a rivalry in a bit of a coma, like Toronto-Montreal who haven't met since 1979.


These rivalries are often supported by a pre-existing regional rivalry between two areas or cities.

The ideal rivalry would be one that encapsulates all three.

Many of the current rivalries in the NHL reflect two of these dynamics, i.e.:

-Calgary-Edmonton: traditional, regional
-Ottawa-Toronto: current, regional
-Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: traditional, regional
-Montreal-Toronto: traditional, regional
-Montreal-Boston: traditional, current

Some, just one:

-Dallas-Edmonton: current

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