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07-25-2011, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by zz View Post
Nashville games don't sell, and it's a Monday game, right? The place will be empty. You should be able to wait until the last minute and find a good deal here, on stubhub, or through scalpers at the arena.

As far as hotel, since you'll have a car (you absolutely need a car in Phoenix btw - can't do anything without one), you probably don't really care where you'll be staying. Use a few days before coming here, and you should be fine. Airport hotels usually feature the best deals.

As far as 'safe' areas, as someone else said, south Phoenix is bad, but there's no reason why you'd want to go there anyway. You'll probably want to stay around Tempe, Scottsdale, downtown Phoenix, and Westgate/Glendale. No point in venturing elsewhere, not much to see or do.

But since you'll be coming from the east coast, I do have one recommendation for you: while driving, do not use your horn or flip anyone off. Seriously. It was a big change for me coming from a European metro area. People here are ****ing pyscho. Road rage incidents happen on a regular basis, and lots of folks have a gun in their car. I flipped an ******* once, and the guy tried to take me out of the road, mad max-style.

Welcome to Arizona...
lol...not that I endorse Mad Maxing people but getting all angry in traffic and flipping people off is dumb as well.

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