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07-25-2011, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
Agree and disagree, Inferno.

The Barb Underhill fad reminds me a lot of Gary Robert's summer training program. Stamkos gave Roberts credit on his fantastic sophomore season (when in reality, a majority of that success came from him getting comfortable with playing in the NHL, it's as simple as that) and people started going ape ****. I remember some people saying that the news of Del Zotto training with Roberts was the best news of the offseason, that's ridiculous. Look how it turned out.

Boyle's skating improved greatly, no doubt, so Underhill should receive some credit, but it was mainly in his head. I think it hit him in the preseason when he was on the cutting board; he had that 2 goal exhibition game where he was skating with confidence and poise. He always had the ability to skate the puck end to end, he demonstrated it the year before as well. He was mentally prepared for the season and it showed.

As for other Rangers players skating with Underhill, it's not like these guys were never given skating lessons growing up, any player that hopes to make the NHL has trained with someone before, this isn't some newfound discovery. You are not going to see distinct improvements in every player, in fact probably none of them.

In the long run, players like Stepan, Del Zotto and Anisimov could certainly benefit from consistent skating coaching, but an appearance at a prospect camp and for a few days over the summer is not going to change much.
First Del Zotto not having success last year doesn't discredit Gary Robert's training regimen. It's a strength and conditioning thing of course it's not going to improve his defensive awareness. Stamkos wasn't nearly as strong in his rookie season and it was a combination of hard work and feeling more comfortable in the NHL sure.

Second skating isn't something you have to be coached on consistently it's something that a few sessions will drastically improve IF you retain the information and continue to put it to work. Now if you have a breakdown of your stride mid season then you can hit up the skating coach and they can reverse that issue. I don't know if you skate but after just an hour with a coach you'd already have things pin pointed that need changed. It's not like strength and conditioning where you have to do it several hours a day every day to see results.

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