Thread: News Article: Partying prompted parting?
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07-25-2011, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Huh? No one knows the leakers, and it doesn't really matter. It could just as likely be Giroux and Timonen as Pronger and JVR as any other two players, returning or not.

What is interesting, as Meltzer points out, is that players talked about Dry Island and Homer confirmed it existed.

Having this out there will help make the trades more understandable for the fanbase.

If you are the captain and the assistant captain, and the Coach asks the team to sacrifice beer for a month, and you don't do it, it's not leadership.

I'm disappointed in my favourite players for not standing up and being counted.

There is nothing wrong with going for beers after a game - beer league or NHL.

Clearly there were more issues than a few post-game brown pops for it to have come to this. Pity.

I'm sure this year, when Lavy posts the Dry Island board in the locker, it will be titled:

Dry Island
List of players wishing to come back for 2012-13

I agree no one know's the leakers and that's is why I said "who knows" but an equal HUH to saying it doesn't matter b/c it kind of does as far as integrity goes. Meltzer implies as much by saying it was a throwing under the bus issue. If it is somebody like Boucher and Leino..ex Flyers then it matters somewhat less but if it's players on the team well that kind of does matter b/c of breaking that inner sanctum trust that Holmgren is annoyed about.

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