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07-25-2011, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
First I will not point any fingers at anyone for leaking this because we all can speculate on who did it but in reality we do not have a clue. I for one do not care for people who talk to the papers about things that should have stayed in the locker room. I do not think for one minute that the drinking was the main reason for the trades that went down. I am a little upset that the locker room could not police this crap up in house. But if you remember Reggie Leach was one of Clarkie's pals and he used to get ragged on at practice for being hungover. But times have changed. That being said I just wish the writer had put this story in his back pocket and saved it for his frigging book one day and not wait a month later to throw this crap out there for us to read.
Fair points, but it is obvious that the locker room was so broken that players felt it was OK to talk about it.

As far as the timing goes, it's a perfect July story, the answer (or as much of it as we are going to get) to the unanswered questions about why the Flyers traded their franchise stars.

The denials/responses are key. Carter's agent is indignant, as is his job. But he's guaranteed commissions for the next 11 years, so that's expected.

Homer, who took offense to the breach of confidentiality, chose to legitimize the story by admitting the Dry Island board existed - and that there were less than 23 names on it. Now the next question is, who else didn't sign?

He could have said, "I"m not discussing anonymous rumours, even if they are published", but he didn't.

I don't think the organization really minds this story getting out there during the mid-summer lull. Much better than if it surfaced in training camp or in the first week of the new season. It will hush up the rumour mills and let them focus on the new season. It will also die down in plenty of time for the players to start afresh with their new teams.

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