Thread: News Article: See ya Hopeless Hines
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07-25-2011, 10:19 AM
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In the local media business, just being around long enough is often enough of a qualification to keep your job, especially as most news watching decisions are based on the totality of the news coverage and the news anchors and rarely specifically on sports. So if he was truly deficient, it wouldn't necessarily be apparent.

So from that perspective, I don't think his longevity is true support for his quality. But I say that as someone who doesn't feel he was good at his job. Like Biddle is to the Tennessean, I think he doesn't add value to the broadcast that couldn't be added by a 28-year old former small town weather girl who just reads from the teleprompter. I prefer more intelligent thought mixed in with my sports, and he just doesn't provide that. Oddly enough, I hate intelligent thought when it comes to the real news though as I find it politically tinged.

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