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07-25-2011, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by MiamiScreamingEagles View Post
No one cares that "Al Morganti brought Japanese eating sensation Takeru Kobayashi to Saloon"?

The first thing that needs to be analyzed is the placement of the board used by Laviolette. Was it seen by media and other non-team personnel when they entered the dressing room?

If visible only to team personnel, then Holmgren should have stuck firmly to the "inner sanctum" disposition rather than possibly intensify the matter by stating that players (two named) exercised their option not to partake.

Dramatic effects aside, the "really upset that this is out there" and "someone's crossing a line here" need to be cause for concern. A better assessment would be the hear audio or read a transcript rather than isolated comments extracted for the purposes of the article.
I don't know how to read Homer's comments. I do wish I could hear the audio, how he says those words can change what I think he's doing here 180 degrees.

At first, no comment would seem to be the appropriate response. Him confirming the policy even existed, and going into such detail with the reporter about it, would seem at first to be his way of leaking info out there in a half-sneaky way to make the two players look worse. Of course, if that is the case, why didn't he do this a month ago? Why did he seem genuinely upset at trading both guys? And why wouldn't he just leak this to a sports writer, as GMs usually do when they are trying to smear a player?

Then I got to thinking that no comment might actually be the worst response. In his statement, he goes to great length to indicate that this wasn't just a Richie & Carter thing, that other players also did not participate. If he just says no comment, it could be construed as a deafening silence, and the only players called out would be those two.

Whatever was going on in what he said, it definitely isn't the way he should have handled it. Even if you think he's not trying to be malicious, he didn't do himself any favors.

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