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10-21-2003, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
Preds may very well have, and it was a risk they were willing to take.. Unfortunately for Ranger fans, its not the way the Rangers do business.. If Marek came to ranger camp this year, with his one way contract, and played well, but not "amazing" then Sather would have left him unprotected and he would have been gone for nada..

I don't doubt that Nashville kept the goaltender they wanted to keep, and the one that will be paying off for a much longer period of time, but "the best" goalie between the two is still to be determined. Kind of like when the Rangers had to let Beezer go and kept Richter.. You understood the move, and it was mainly due to Richter's potential, but that didn;t mean Beezer was any slouch himself.. I still don't see how Dunham was "not a team player".. From what I've read, even Vokoun has said that Dunham helped him out a lot.. But that's besides the point.. The Rangers are very happy with Dunham and they should be, but I still think they overpaid..

(BTW- I grew up playing with Dunham, we never stayed in touch, so its not like we're "tight" but he always was a quiet kind of kid who's silence was viewed by reticence from those that didn't know him. But when you did know him, he was a damn good guy who was dedicated to honing his craft.. He was injury prone a bit then to, it's that lanky frame...)
Having a one-way contract has no effect on a player's waiver eligiblity. Players who sign their first professional North American contract at age 25 or older are exempt for their first year. Zidlicky can be sent down at any time without out risk of losing him.

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