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07-25-2011, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by HagelinForPresident View Post
Well like I said in the other thread about this, I'm of the younger generation. I can't really appreciate the rivalry as much as the older generation. I wasn't around for all the playoff battles and such. I'm living in the era of the Isles sucking dick. I have friends from school and such that are Isles fans and they don't shut up every time they beat us. They treat it like they just won the Stanley Cup. Have you ever been to a game at the Coliseum when the Isles beat us? They drive around honking and waving flags as if it's some incredible accomplishment. I'd like nothing more than to shove it in the faces of everyone I know that the Isles suck and they got moved. The real team of New York is the Rangers, I couldn't give a **** about the rivalry, because as far as I'm concerned, it ain't too much of a rivalry anymore, the Isles have sucked for the last 25 years.
Summary: I'm making myself sound 15 and can't appreciate a rivarly.

They celebrate when they beat us? What do you think a rivarly is? I'll give you a hint, part of it is when beating the other team is meaningful even when there's nothing on the line. You want the Islanders to move so you can shove that in your friends faces? HA! You used to brag when you beat us? Now you're team is gone!! It's a rivalry because you're allowed to brag back when we win. Plus, honestly, it has nothing to do with having been around to appreciate the rivalry or have seen the Islanders when they were good. As a hockey fan, there's simply no reason to want LI to lose their hockey team or for a team with a history like the Islanders to move. I like you as a poster, but this post is extremely immature.

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