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07-25-2011, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
The point being he was traded from the last two places because of his inconsistency and inability to be useful on the ice if he isn't scoring...and he doesn't score enough to get a pass

I thought he was actually OK last year even when slumping, and that's probably one reason why they won't buy him out...they think they can still work on him to get his game up to level
Agreed. There were a few games where I thought to myself "damn Wolski has looked bad out there" But then again outside of maybe Callahan, I have had the same thought about every other player at one point or another.

He is inconsistent yes. He is skilled though. Players can change with the right coach, system, and training. Look at Jagr, I mean yeah he is a world class talent that Wolski never will be, but Jagr went from putting up 120+ point seasons in Pitt, to 75ish point seasons in Washington, then back to 123 points in his first full year with the NYR. Wolski saw a similar drop percentage wise. Maybe this year he revs the engine a bit and gets back to that 65 point player we know he can be. Like Jimmy Buffett says, Only time will tell.

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