Thread: News Article: Partying prompted parting?
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07-25-2011, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
You might say it didn't affect their work, but the people for whom and with whom they worked certainly didn't share your view. They got rid of them after years of trying to sort the issues out.

The Dry Island idea seems like something borne out of desperation to solve a problem that shouldn't have been one.

You have to assume the Lavy issued the 'let's commit to winning and stop drinking' challenge as way of getting the Captain and his First Mate to man up and be first two to sign.

Their failure to do so was glaringly noticed. The coach probably should have stripped them of their rank right away -in retrospect it might've helped them stay.

Richards said the team wasn't on the same page. He could have started by writing his number on the page. But then again, he did have a bad wrist and Sharpies are heavy....
As I said, if it was such a glaring problem, this was a terrible way to try and fix it. Not only does it not help any problem guys stop drinking (If it truly WAS a problem), but it also instantly divides the room into two groups.

It takes any problem that might exist, and makes it worse.

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