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07-25-2011, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I dont dislike Joe M. - think hes done a good job. But he does annoy me at times. The thing that bothers me most about him is that his color depth is limited. Most of the stuff he talks about is very basic. He knows the players well and has good experiences there to pass along to the viewer, but his detailed in game analysis and system breakdowns is very limited imo. Or should i say "catered to the ease of listening"

I think this could be said for a number of color guys around this league. When you watch a football game the color guys talk about defensive packages, offensive routes, etc. They breakdown the play second by second. I seldom see this done in hockey. Very few color guys actually have the ability to do this. Why do i think its important?

If you want to grow this sport you have to educate the viewer. IMO too many non-hockey or casual hockey fans fail to understand the games complexity. They just think its a bunch of goons and euros skating around punching and sticking eachother with some goals and saves mixed in. There are complex systems (that even some of the players dont understand!), rotations, locks, traps, cycles, floods, etc. that work on a grander scale that never get conveyed to the viewer. I think that would be received well. Its not just about getting in on the forecheck, its WHY and HOW and what the end result SHOULD be. If you watched any of Tortorellas coaching segments, its like a different language then what we normally hear during a broadcast.

Its not just about learning what an icing or offsides is. The reason why some games are low scoring is because each team is being incredibly disciplined. The viewer should know that and little things like forcing a pass towards the benches instead of away from them in the second period should be mentioned. Joes use of the telestrator is terrible. In a big market like NYC where there are a lot of fair-weather friends, this type of education may be useful for the fans who just yell SHOOOOT all the time. Great hockey displays extremely intelligent hockey sense, and i dont think thats pointed out enough on a grand scale - most of that stuff is done away from goals and saves.

I dont know, just my two cents. When I see a little play or sequence of little plays by Anisimov in the defense zone go unnoticed time and time again - it drives me nuts. Instead Joe talks about how a player shot it wide and they cut to another Garden of Dreams promo.
I couldn't agree more, particularly about the staggering number of fans (and, as you said, players) that don't know the tactical side of the sport very well, if at all. I think you're playing down how many people fall into that classification. But I don't think you can blame Joe for his lack of further insight, because as you said, this is a league wide issue. For some reason, the broadcast producers must feel like people are too stupid for it (and maybe they are).

I like Joe, and I understand why he isn't as deep as he probably could be. It's the same thing as watching him and Don Maloney spend 2-3 years trying to analyze the reason why the Rangers are a mediocre mess, while not once showing the willingness to actually discuss the real reasons why the Rangers weren't very good (overpaid role players and a big lack of offensive skill and talent).

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