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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I do not feel it is grasping at straws because not only are we clearly less deep at goalie than two years ago, I actually think Peter Budaj is a downgrade from Alex Auld. I realize not everyone feels that way, but I think Budaj is a sieve whose only chance at a starting job came during the worst days of Theo's career, when even a Bantam A goalie could also have wrested the starting job from Theo.

I don't even necessarily seek having two "great" goalies, but having a young and promising backup like Enroth or Cory Schneider for instance provides more depth than we have now, while still being realistic within the CBA. So in a thread touting our depth and completeness, it is perfectly reasonable to point out that our goaltender depth is below NHL average, IMO.

Is that a better way of putting the matter?
I'm inclined to agree with this. I think Budaj was a bad signing but I also thought Auld was a bad signing. Auld turned out to be great though.

I actually like the management of this team but at times I just wish they'd stick to what they know works. Right now we have about 5 mil in cap space to work with. We could have kept Wiz who we knew was a fit for us, or even just given Auld a salary bump to get him to stay. Auld @ Budaj's salary > Budaj @ Budaj's salary. But I guess time will tell maybe Budaj proves me wrong.

I have a similar opinion of him as you do. Goalies seem to revive their careers here though at times.

Originally Posted by CGG View Post
1. Add up the minutes played by Markov, Gorges, Wizniewski and Hamrlik last season.
2. Assume Gorges and Markov will be healthy and each play on average 22 minutes a game this season.

There. Hamrlik's AND the Wiz's minutes from last season just got replaced by Markov and Gorges. Not exactly a downgrade.

I'm not worried about the D this year. I think we'll see Markov and Subban split up, so one of the two will be on the ice for about 45 minutes of each game, with a bit of overlap. That leaves very few minutes with a potentially risky pairing out there.

Markov-Gorges = # 1 pairing, Gorges gets big PK time.
Gill-Subban = # 2 pairing, with Spacek or Yemelin taking a few shifts away from Gill to keep Gill at or below 20 minutes a night. Gill gets big PK time.
(Yemelin or Spacek)-Weber = # 3 pairing, basically 14 minutes a night, some 2nd unit PP time for Weber.

That's pretty darn good if you ask me. The loss of Hamrlik is completely overblown - I would agree he needs to be replaced if we didn't already have Markov and Gorges replacing those minutes.

If Yemelin and Weber aren't working out and Spacek is completely done and Diaz isn't ready at all for the NHL, and we see some injuries, then there's a bundle of cap room to find a replacement part way into the season. No reason to sign a stiff like Hannan now just in case.

It's been years since we had 2 defensemen as good as Markov and Subban in the lineup for any length of time. Think 1993 with Desjardins and Schneider. The impact those two will have on this team is being overlooked by most experts. Any team in the league would kill to have two guys like that on the same blue line.
I'm hoping Emelin really surprises us and winds up taking the #3 position on a line with Subban. I know people think Jacques would never do:


But guess what... it's Spacek's last year here. Give him his natural side before he's gone. I actually want to see what this guy is capable of after a full season on his natural side. Then Markov-Gorges = solid, Emelin-Subban would be legit if Emelin did pan out, and Spacek(or Gill) with Weber would be fine. A vet for the young Weber to work with. More than likely being Gill on most nights but these two guys are the older guys so giving them games off here or there could work in out favor.

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