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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
agreed. NOBODY is denying Underhill helped Boyle...everyone simply assumes shes going to turn every piece of coal into a diamond now. Thats what annoys the hell outta me. im sure she will help some...but im not A)convinced she will help everyone all that much B)convinced that Boyles first half was anything other than a very lucky streak and that the Boyle we saw the 2nd half is more like what we'll see going forward.
That's all well and good, but at this point, both sides are arguing a point with a very small sample size available as evidence.

In my opinion, the Boyle's biggest downfall as a player has always been his skating. He always looked like you plucked a guy off the Giants or Jets roster and put him on skates. "Good skater for a guy his size" certainly isn't synonymous with "good skater" and that's exactly what people said about him. Improving that part of his game has undoubtedly influenced his game in a positive way, and while he may have gotten lucky, he also became a much better hockey player because of his skating.

People also often over look the fact that one of the reasons he slowed down in the second half was that while he's in his mid twenties, that was the most hockey he's ever played at the NHL level. In 09-10, he was averaging 8 minutes per game. Last year he doubled that. It's a major adjustment for anyone, not just 20 year old rookies.

Do I think Underhill is responsible for all of Boyle's success? No, of course not. He's always been a skilled player. However, skating is such an important part of the game that I have no doubt that working with her helped Boyle take his game to the next level. Will it do the same for MZA, MDZ, and Wolski? It of course remains to be seen, but I'm remaining optimistic.

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