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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Maybe it's just me, but I have never scored five hole on a breakaway. I've tried, probably 20-30 times, and never scored. Goalies always drop down too quick. I've also tried the forehand backhand many, many times but the goalies always read it.

My move is shoot high glove. Probably works 50% of the time. Just a quick shot. Try and get the goalie back in his net a bit, keep the puck out a bit, and then quickly drag it in and shoot.
Agreed that a straight up 5 hole shot is tough to score on, I really only go 5 hole on dekes when you can open the goalie up with side to side movement, and then only as a last resort if he's right with me and I can't go high. Forehand to backhand shelf works really well for me though if the goalie is far out, just gotta get some good side to side movement to keep the goalie guessing, come in with lots of speed, start your move early enough and really sell that fake shot, even if the goalie reads it I often score if the goalie is out challenging, hard for them to get over in time if you come in at full speed. Don't go nuts or over the top selling the fake shot, if you do the leg kick and fake windup it's gonna be tough to get the puck over in time, just come in like you're gonna shoot (slight coast at the end, in a shooting stance, focus on an empty bit of net on your forehand side), then go quickly backhand shelf. It's a very simple, quick, effective move for me, basically this:

If he's deep in his net, though, shooting is more reliable for me.

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