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Originally Posted by JRull86 View Post
Hell I'd even go as far as saying last year was better than 2007. Look at his receivers last year, and compare them to 2007. Randy Moss had a career defining year in 2007. You'll never see 23 TD's in a season from a WR ever again IMO. Brady had to go back to a more traditional Patriot game plan with screens and short passes to Gronk, Woodhead, and Welker with Hernandez, and Tate to an extent, being the downfield guys, and put up those kind of numbers?

As for your OC comment, I completely agree. BB really needs to get someone who can run an offensive.

The one comment I don't agree with is RB. Did you not watch BJGE last year? He had a great year. Over 1000 yds, averaging 4.4 Yds/C. Woodhead with 550 yards for 5.6 Yds/C. Their running game is solid.

I also really don't get the Mankins hate. The guy got absolutely screwed by the system in place on his deal length and UFA/RFA status. He's a good player and deserves to be paid. Yes the system is what screwed him, but when everyone in your draft block gets their deals redone before they hit RFA status, and you're superior to all of them, at a key position, he deserves to be pissed. If anything be mad at Kraft for publicly humiliating him demanding he publicly apologize. This isn't ****ing Kindergarten.
Good catch, I completely forgot about BJGE. My bad.

Now that I have refreshed my memory. I kind of still feel the same way...about needing a better running game. BJGE had a tremendous year, but I don't think anyone really fears him or game plans to stop him. He's a nice option to move the ball and eat up the clock...which is great. I guess my point is, I'd like to see the Pats have a three down back that could gash teams for huge chunks of yards. I was really hoping they'd take a flyer on Marshawn Lynch last year. He would have been a nice compliment to BJGE and left Woodhead fresh for passing downs and 3rd down situations.

As for Mankins, I don't get it either. He came in and played his arse off which shows a character. I think fans sometimes forget there is a business side of things and while these guys make good money, their careers are relatively short.

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