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The move I WISH I had the hands/talent to pull is this one, though:

I'm OK with a simplified version of it, simply forehand to backhand (as if you're going forehand/backhand/shelf), then back to forehand the moment the goalie starts to bite, but without all the extra stickhandling, footwork, and just the generally quick and smooth way that Kane pulls it off. This isn't really a breakaway move, but in a shootout it can be sick if you have the hand. I can only barely pull it though (even in simplified form), my sell/fake isn't nearly convincing as Kane and I'm sometimes not really fully in control of the puck, a simple forehand/backhand/shelf is more reliable for me, but if you have great hands I think a simplified version of this is a really effective move (for shootouts, at least).

Note how Kane comes in shiftily though, with side to side movement to keep the goalie off guard, and how he starts his move far out, above the hash marks. This is key, too many guys simply come straight in on shootouts/breakaways and start their move too late, it's a lot easier for the goalie to read and react that way.

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