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Originally Posted by roseyc View Post
I think your downplaying the physical aspect of the game and that is what O'Brien brought to the team and he instilled in Weber how to play the physical game and Weber was a beast in the playoffs. I think too many are looking at salary and forgetting the aspect of the game. Sure you can play this guy and that guy who is cheaper and if that's all that matter then we'll be playing that game and watching the playoffs because the physical aspect is huge part of the game like it or not
I don't think I'm downplaying the physical aspect of the game at all. I'm still of the opinion that a big, gritty veteran on the blueline would be nice. My point is that you have to be careful with the player you sign to fill that role. Yes SOB brought good physicality and yes he played well on the PK. One of the reasons he left me wanting to pull out my hair is his Bobby Orr impersonation. Another is his propensity to go completely brain dead and take a dumb penalty. I understand physical guys will take penalties, and that's fine as long as it doesn't happen every game. Defensemen will often take penalties breaking up a play. Defensemen who get themselves out of position (for instance, defensemen who pick poor times to pinch) will have to take more penalties breaking up more chances, or will put a teammate in a situation where the best option is to take a penalty. When you crosscheck a guy in the back of the head you're just being stupid. When you want to throw punches instead of face washes you're being stupid. Weber is guilty of this at times, too. Taking a fight with a guy while your team has a lead is dumb. Taking a second fight with the guy because he embarrassed you the first time is letting your pride get in the way of good decision making. SOB just doesn't make good decisions when he starts going. He plays with entirely too much emotion, and not nearly enough smarts.

And I do not agree one bit that Weber was spurred on by SOB. Weber has been a physical force for a few seasons now. He was throwing hits and crushing people's desire to lace up the skates before SOB was even on our team. If anything Weber was leading the entire team to a more physical style. The captain is going to have more influence than anyone else on the team, or at least he should.

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